Why You Should Tell Your Homeowners Insurance Company When Renovating Your Home


If your home is older, you might be excited about renovating it. Even though many homeowners never tell their homeowners insurance companies about their plans to renovate their homes, this is a step you won't want to skip. Make Sure Potential Accidents are Covered For one thing, when you're having your home renovated, there is always the possibility that an accident could happen. You could get hurt while handling your own DIY project within the home, or a contractor could get hurt while performing a job for you.

16 October 2018

Why You Shouldn't Let Boat Insurance Be An Afterthought


You have a boat. You use it for recreational purposes. If you used it for business purposes, like a fisherman or tour guide, you would make certain that your boat was insured to the hilt. Because your boat is not "business property," you might be inclined to skip having insurance. However, boat insurance should not be an afterthought. Here is why. Your Boat Can Be Damaged Just at the Docks

14 June 2018